Houghton (5 year old Puggle)

We took our puggle Houghton, who was just shy of 5 years old, to see Dr. McAbee when we noticed

she was having trouble using her hind legs. He was concerned that a steroid Houghton was taking

was masking a major back problem. From the moment we were in the exam room, Dr. McAbee

listened to us with patience and asked probing questions that helped him to quickly identify

the issue Houghton was having. He explained that she likely had a herniated disc in her back

and would need surgery. During the time we were speaking about our options, Houghton lost all

ability to use her back legs. Dr. McAbee didn't wait - he rushed her to surgery (on his day off!).

Scared that she would not have the same quality of life as before the surgery, Dr. McAbee assured

us he would do everything in his power to help our pup but explained the challenges of the surgery.

When he called to let us know that we were lucky - we had caught the issue just in time & Houghton

would likely make a full recovery, we were relieved. Houghton had to spend several days in

recovery after surgery, but he called us every day to give us a report. He assured us he would be

with us every step of the surgery process, and he was. Dr. McAbee made sure to visit with us personally when we picked Houghton

up to go home so he could answer any questions about her medication and post-surgery recovery plans.


I am pleased to say that Houghton made a full recovery and is thriving today. We have been to many vets and honestly Kevin is truly the best. He listens, he explains, he gives owners options to help their pets and helps make a very scary process more comforting. His bedside manner and his passion for animals is evident in the way he conducts himself in each stage of the surgery process. We couldn't have found a better veterinarian for Houghton. Even though we have moved back East, we continue to share Dr. McAbee's name with all of our Colorado friends. He is a talented surgeon but more importantly he is an advocate for animals. Every animal deserves a Dr. McAbee in their lives.

Aaron Frishman & Lisa Fasolo Frishman

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. McAbee for almost 3 years as his assistant.  He is one of the most talented surgeons that I have ever worked with.  The only thing that is equal to his ability as a surgeon is the compassion and care that he genuinely shows to not only his patients but also to their owners.  We always felt that it was important to remember the connection between our patients and their owners; one cannot be taken care of without the other.

James Shelton, CVT

VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital

When we found out that our precious dog Cosmo would not be able to have a tumor removed from his side due to the difficulty of where it was located, we sought out a specialist for a consultation as to what could be done.  We had the great fortune of meeting Dr Kevin McAbee who was able to perform the surgery, enthusiastically and with great success!


Not only is Dr McAbee a most remarkable and talented surgeon, but his professionalism and integrity is exceeded by his unfaltering compassion for his patients and their families….we are forever grateful!

Catherine, Nathan Cowboy and Cosmo

I would highly recommend Dr. McAbee for his amazing surgical skills. My dog Roxy had an ACL surgery at another clinic that became infected and she became gravely ill. She truly was near death and Dr. Kevin McAbee saved her life and her leg. His quick thinking and innovative treatment was incredible. There should be a paper written just on his treatment of her leg; however, the story doesn't end there. For years Roxy also suffered from swollen front paws. We saw countless doctors and tried every single form of medication and treatment to help her. After Dr. McAbee felt Roxy was strong enough after surgery to save her leg, he suggested we surgically treat her paws, and again his ideas and treatment were spot on.


While Dr. McAbee's medical treatments and surgical skills are second to none, his best quality is not in the operating room. It is his absolutely incredible compassion for both the animal and the family. He not only saved my girl's life, he saved a big part of my life as well. Not once did I feel like I was merely a customer. He made my wife and I feel that he cared more about saving our girl's life than collecting a paycheck. We are blessed to have met Dr. McAbee and even though he is 1000 miles away from us now, if there were ever a situation with our dog I would make the trip to see him. He is the only person I will ever trust with a pet of mine—and I hope this will help someone make the important decision to see Dr. Kevin McAbee.

Keith and Sherry Strong

I have driven miles out of my way to ensure that my dearest pup (Melvin) would be treated by this most special surgeon, Dr. Kevin McAbee, and would be willing to do it again if needed.  I am thrilled to hear that he is launching his own endeavor of mobile care.  Dr. McAbee has high ethical standards of care and treatment.  He is able to communicate clearly with pet owners and keep them educated step by step about the needs of their animal.  Most importantly, Dr. McAbee has an incredible way of connecting with his patients, trusting them, being patient with them and allowing the healing process to unfold; all the while maintaining such a respect for their dignity and well being.  I have yet to find another veterinarian quite like him and trust him with the precious animal companions in my life.  I highly recommend Dr. McAbee!

Kara West


I have worked with a number of veterinarians in my time as a technician, but no one has inspired me more than Dr. McAbee.  Not only is he an extremely talented and skilled surgeon, he is one of the most compassionate people I know.  His love for and devotion to his profession are beyond measure and I wouldn't trust anyone else with the care of my four legged family members.

Maggie Pratt, LVT

I’ve known Dr. Kevin McAbee for over a decade, not only as a trusted colleague but also a good friend. Part of what makes Dr. McAbee so special is his patient care before and after surgery. His skills in the O.R. are outstanding, but Dr. McAbee doesn’t start or stop his work there. Dr. McAbee’s attention to detail and excellent communication skills help ensure that patients and their families always receive outstanding care.

Ryan Cavanaugh, DVM, DACVS-SA,

ACVS Founding Fellow, Surgical Oncology

Fort Myers, Florida

About Dr. McAbee


Dr. Kevin McAbee, a 1999 graduate of CSU’s Veterinary School, is board-certified in small animal surgery by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. He has extensive experience in all aspects of veterinary surgery, including orthopedic, neurologic, and oncologic surgery, as well as advanced training in minimally invasive orthopedic surgery such as arthroscopy.


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Dr. Kevin McAbee, DVM, DACVS

Board-Certified in Small Animal Surgery

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